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Costume Bag Model: MAGICIAN by Bazar de Magia

Costume Bag Model: MAGICIAN by Bazar de Magia

A small bag is displayed to the audience. The magician shows the bag is empty, turning it inside out and allowing a member of the audience to feel the inside. A silk handkerchief is dropped into the bag and a child from the audience is asked to wave his hand over the bag making the handkerchief vanish. Try as he might, the child just can`t make the handkerchief disappear…but he does end up making the handkerchief turn into a magician hat! In a flash, the entire bag is then turned into a magician costume that matches the hat and fits your helper perfectly!

The fabrics are of excellent quality and the design was made by the team of designers at the Bazar de Magia

You receive a very nice Custome Bag, choosing from 3 different designs

Avalibale designs: Clown, Magician and Chinese

Check all designs in this link:


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Enevelepic by Walter Valle

Enevelepic by Walter Valle

Imagine you are in a Casino.
  • A spectator thinks of a roulette number
  • Another spectator rolls 2 dice
  • And finally a spectator chooses a BlackJack play
Now Your three predictions match those of the spectators

 You will be able to predict three random choices from three spectators. A shocking and very easy to perform magic effect. Three spectators, three random thoughts or choices and three predictions that will absolutely match the three choices when revealed. Envel Epic will make you receive great applause. That is our prediction.


  • Easy to do100% Self-working
  • The Envelopes do the work for you
  • No Magnets
  • No double writing
  • Works for close up, parlor, scene or virtual
  • Only 3 envelopes
  • No envelope switching


You receive 3 specials envelopes + 3 plastic card + online video instructional


Más información sobre este producto
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